About Me

My name is Amy-Rose, I am a free lance make-up artist based in Cardiff, UK.

I studied make-up at DFMA Academy in London but the majority of my work is self-taught.

I started reading blogs before choosing to become a make-up artist, even now that I’m in the industry I still love to read blogs and watch YouTube tutorials as I am still learning every day.

As you get to know me you will realise my blog reflects my enthusiasm for all things makeup and skincare related.

I will write as often as I can about my favourite beauty finds and latest ‘must have’ products. I also will occasionally post product breakdown’s and images of my clients.

Hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to comment and ask me questions!

Amy-Rose x


Instagram: amyrose.mua

For product reviews and business enquiries contact: amy.rose@msn.com


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi. Oh wow I was going to go to DFMA but couldn’t take the time to go as I have a son and it’s not near my home. Was it good?
    I have ended up at college now for a year studying media makeup and I love it but I may go and do some sort of short course in London next year at the AOFM. Would you recommend the DFMA courses?
    Just started getting my kit together now so that I can start working on clients.
    I am also self taught as well. It’s nice to connect with other MUA’s. 😊


    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment. I also couldn’t take much time off to go to DFMA to train as I work full time and the main courses are 4-5weeks long. I managed to go to the intense course which is for 5 days. I did really enjoy it, it was great to meet others with the same interest. If I’m honest, I didn’t feel like I came away with many more skills as the majority of my work is self-taught however it definitely gave me the confidence to get myself out there in the industry. You also get to meet some great makeup artists who share good tips. I was trained by a couple of celebrity makeup artists which was so cool. From what I could gather from the tutors, the 4-5 week courses are more worth it as you learn so much more however unfortunately I could not take that much time off work. If you struggle with time it may be worth looking into the part time course they do, its weekends only(depending on how far you live from London). Hope this helps, any questions please give me a shout 🙂 x

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      1. Hi thank you for your reply. I guess it was a good thing to do for you then for many different reasons. I have been chatting to my husband about the courses in London again even though I am at a local college doing it. I get a bit annoyed as we don’t seem to do much actual makeup at my college as it’s also got a hair component to it as well. It’s really frustrating and it is very much led by what we feel like doing. It’s more guided learning which is fjne as i am creative but i get worried that im not learning much.
        It’s a difficult one. I live very far from London. I am in Nottinghamshire and I have a son so I wouldn’t really be able to do it. I was thinking of trying to get into London somehow for some kind of makeup work now and again I have just not quite figured out what I would do and how I would do it yet lol. I love media makeup (hence my ice queen look).
        It’s also a v competitive industry so at times I feel like a tiny weeny fish in the sea swimming against a really strong tide…lol xxx


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