My Skin Care Routine

I get quite a few people asking me what I use on my skin so I wanted to share with you my go-to skin care products. As the whether gets colder my skin does tend to get a little dry in places however I am very lucky to have smooth, clear skin so I don’t suffer with any skin problems. I have used this skin care routine for years and I will always recommend ‘Clinique’ to anyone who asks for my recommendation when it comes to skin care. I try to wash my face every day with ‘Clinique Liquid Facial Soap’, I then use ‘Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser’ followed by ‘Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel’. I absolutely love how soft it leaves my skin feeling and my face feels so clean after using them. I am of course no dermatologist and I understand that everyones skin is different but this is what works well for me…

Step 1 –

facial soap–step/Step-1-Cleanse/Liquid-Facial-Soap

Step 2 – 

foaming cleanser

Step 3 –



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